I Weep For Her

Wish I could write like this!

Words Worth

Starve it till it bleeds to death

These passions are my demons…

Last night I cried in my lover’s arms

Each cell in my body had waited

For that one phone call

None except my heart knew of –

The call from – Her

But it did not come.

So I cried and cried in my woman’s arms –

Not knowing my angst, she asked

Why are you crying so much?

Has someone said something to you?

I shook my head –

How can I tell her?

How hard it is to bear

This silence?

How can I tell her?

I did not cry because

Someone said something

But, because

Someone I wanted to hear from

Did not say anything?

I cried because she was so silent.

Does it take so long to process pain?

So much denial!

Whom could I hold and cry uncontrollably with?

The safety of unquestioned…

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Self-publishing FAQs

On Getting Published, Good Books, and Living Goddesses

I get these same questions so often that I decided to turn this into a blog post:

  1.  I have a manuscript. How do I self-publish it?

    Before you self-publish this:
    * If you have writer friends, get them to beta-read your manuscript.
    * Get your manuscript edited.
    * Get your manuscript proofread

    * Commission an cover for ebook (print/paper book cover will be separate).
    * Get the book formatted for ebook (and print/paper book, when you’re ready for it).
    * Create an account on Amazon and upload formatted ebook file.
    * Set a price and make it ready for sale with a click

  2. Do I publish as an ebook, or a print book?

    * Start off with the ebook.
    * Get it formatted as an ebook
    * Upload to various vendors like – Amazon.com, Smashwords.com, pronoun.com etc. You cannot upload to many international vendors (like Apple) directly.
    * When…

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Maliny Mohan

IMG_20161229_195350.JPGI see blog posts on 2016, the year that is soon going to disappear like a wisp of air right in front of our eyes and wonder whether I should be writing one on the topic too. Writing a post at the end of every month recollecting the good and bad things that completed the month was a new year resolution few moons back. When the fact remained so, pangs of guilt reappeared from that dejected, dusty corner of my heart nudging me to at least provide a fulfilling end to the year at the least. Thus arose this decision to write a post on the five incidents that happened over a span of 12 months, bringing with them reasons to smile, rejoice and be proud about.

I don’t know how it affects you, but for me, year-ends have always brought mixed emotions to my mind. I contemplate the influence…

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Writing TIPs from Madhulika


I’ve been writing an off and on series on writing, and decided it was high time I got around to what most people (myself included) would regard as my core competence: the writing of fiction. Fiction, whatever its length—novel, novella, short story, microfiction—offers a lot more freedom than non-fiction does. You’re allowed to let your imagination run wild. People (except the occasionally nitpicking, editor-minded reader like me) tend to allow liberties with facts. You can create your own world. Literally.

I was told, some years back, by an editor who’d read one of my short stories, that I’d violated ‘two rules of creative writing’ in the story: one, that dreams should not play an important part in a story (she’d mistaken what I’d meant to be a hallucination for a dream). Two, that the story should not end with the death of a protagonist (which means that…

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Keep the faith and repeat this quote to yourself daily – Aekta Kapoor

100 Paths

I’ve quit my job, and what I am going to miss most is the opportunity to be a mentor (not just a boss). I have cherished my ‘Monday tips’ sessions with the boys and girls at my office, and they’ve made me promise to write them down if not speak them out every week. So here’s my first of the lot, my Monday tips to my former team across the Internet, instead of real life.

  1. A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow. – George Patton

A dear friend of mine was sharing her ideas for scaling up her enterprise, which is just a year old but has been getting great feedback from her clients. She was worried about the amateur quality of the videos and photos she has clicked, and the lack of a professional marketer to handle her social media. She said she…

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Ten tips to write better


By which I mean writing that doesn’t make an editor wince.

Let me provide the context to this. Every now and then, I am approached by a wannabe writer who wants me to have a look at their manuscript and give my feedback. Very rarely (and what a sad reflection this is on Indian Writing in English), I find something that is a delight to read, even in its unpolished, unedited form. More often than not, what I receive is riddled with errors. Grammatical errors, factual errors, errors of everything from casing to punctuation.

When I have suggested, as part of feedback, that the manuscript be subjected to a series of self-reviews and (this is something not many Indians seem to be keen on) that an editor be  hired to clean up the manuscript, the usual reaction is, “But won’t my publishers do the editing?”

And my answer to that…

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All points please note!

On Getting Published, Good Books, and Living Goddesses

Here’s an update to the post below by Allison Williams:

I’ll add something for authors who wish to query in the USA – literary agent Janet Reid‘s blog is terrifically helpful with query and process guidance (it’s not quite as scary as ‘they’ll trash you if your title isn’t in italics 🙂 ) and the Query Shark blog is great for exactly how to write a query and where authors go wrong.

Also, the practice I’ve followed and that has helped many writers I know – send queries in batches, not all at once. Query 10 agents. If they all say no, something’s wrong with the query, so revise it before sending to the next ten. If agents request pages and then say no, revise the pages before sending to the next ten.

In the USA it’s important to send a personal query (Dear Agent X, I appreciate…

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