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I have turned into a crater
With a crevice
Whose depth can only be measured
Over lifetimes

This hunger in my veins
shrieks like congealed blood
scraping through its walls, somehow

No, I have not been alone
my bowl is full
of seeds from many men
and marks of lip-stick left behind
by women who have drunk from its depth

But alas!

Over the years this bowl has learnt
to speak the language of the heart
and to reveal that
Although, the gates to my soul
lie between my thighs
They are waiting for that one drop
Of soul-stirring elixir of life

The years are drawing to a close
My thirst remains un-quenched
I wait, holding my bowl like an open crater

shriveled and without juice
wrinkled enough to tell a story
of having waited eons

This bowl is empty in spite of being full
it will close its gates to open to another eon

Longing is   deathless.


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