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Maliny Mohan

IMG_20161229_195350.JPGI see blog posts on 2016, the year that is soon going to disappear like a wisp of air right in front of our eyes and wonder whether I should be writing one on the topic too. Writing a post at the end of every month recollecting the good and bad things that completed the month was a new year resolution few moons back. When the fact remained so, pangs of guilt reappeared from that dejected, dusty corner of my heart nudging me to at least provide a fulfilling end to the year at the least. Thus arose this decision to write a post on the five incidents that happened over a span of 12 months, bringing with them reasons to smile, rejoice and be proud about.

I don’t know how it affects you, but for me, year-ends have always brought mixed emotions to my mind. I contemplate the influence…

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