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I Weep For Her

Wish I could write like this!

Words Worth

Starve it till it bleeds to death

These passions are my demons…

Last night I cried in my lover’s arms

Each cell in my body had waited

For that one phone call

None except my heart knew of –

The call from – Her

But it did not come.

So I cried and cried in my woman’s arms –

Not knowing my angst, she asked

Why are you crying so much?

Has someone said something to you?

I shook my head –

How can I tell her?

How hard it is to bear

This silence?

How can I tell her?

I did not cry because

Someone said something

But, because

Someone I wanted to hear from

Did not say anything?

I cried because she was so silent.

Does it take so long to process pain?

So much denial!

Whom could I hold and cry uncontrollably with?

The safety of unquestioned…

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