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Yes, I said, many times over
I know not what direction
My love will take
And in what ways it will express
Itself in time.

For love is a visitor
residing in us in many forms
fluidly traveling in directions
beyond our control.

What if –
What I feel for you is love
Not caged in the boundaries
Of our bodies?

At one time
We made love in darkness
Pulling the curtains over
So that only our bodies
Expressed what we felt in our hearts.

Then, we made out
In broad day light
When both of us could see
each other’s bodies and face
We had moved from darkness to light we said.

But now sitting in Silence
over distances
when we both can see
only the impression we made on camera
posted on Facebook…

What if
With our eyes closed
over distances
with neither our hands
or our legs intertwined
we still do what we used to do
In darkness and in light of day…

What if
As pure energy
we still meet
In spaces that defy
Boundaries and definitions …

Would our orgasm
be tremours that last forever
and eternity?
Or would our energies commune
In silence while we sit still
Grasping each other in our thoughts
And say,

We made love.


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 Let me turn to my muse today

The man with curly hair and a thick moustache

Who walked like a King

On the streets of Fort and Colaba Causeway

Looking rich.

The footpath sellers at Fort and Fountain

Knew him well

Every once in a while he bought the most expensive cigarettes from them

And smoked them like you do a bidi

Surely, they said, he must be a King

“Ya badey Baap ka beta”

Actually nobody knew

The Parsi rebel

Penniless or loaded

Had the air of a King

He belonged to the Land of Milk and Honey

Wealth was in his gait and not his bait

He had it all tucked in his genes

The penniless pauper from faraway land

My muse

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